We’re excited by the success of the first Left 4 Dead movie and want to bring even more excitement and thrills in a brand new film. Our goal is to make the second movie bigger, better and FREE to watch.

But we can’t do it alone.

This site chronicles how we turned Left 4 Dead into a hit movie and helps raise funds for the creation of the second, larger, and improved film.


We’re using a cost-effective and data-driven approach to secure funding for the L4D2 movie. By supporting our ongoing creation of youtube videos, you’ll directly contribute to bringing this epic project to life! Help us make the sequel that everyone’s been asking for a reality!

You get to support the content you love while helping us bring you the next chapter of the L4D saga. We get to continue doing what we love while improving the quality and frequency of our content.



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  1. Announcement Teaser Published
  2. Preliminary Funding: Start collecting 10.000€ to fund Movie Script, Official Teaser Trailer, Official Crowdfunding Campaign PLUS determine if there is a real desire for a new movie, without which all the work would be pointless.
  3. If the Preliminary Funding succeed over a time span of MAX 6 months, an official Crowdfunding campaign to completely fund the movie will be launched.
  4. If the Crowdfunding Campaign succeed, we’ll officially start working on  the new movie.


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Preliminary Funding so far:

Preliminary Funding Goal: 10.000€

Funded 2%
*Every week, the funding total will be updated with the amount raised through Ko-Fi, Patreon and Merch Purchases until the deadline.

Preliminary Funding ends in

Building on the legacy of Left 4 Dead, we’re taking a meticulous approach to ensure the sequel exceeds expectations. This preliminary funding allows us to:

  1. Craft a compelling script: By securing funding for a screenwriter, we’ll invest in a powerful narrative that stays true to the game’s spirit.
  2. Create a captivating teaser: An official teaser will showcase our vision and generate excitement among fans.
  3. Gauge public interest: Through a crowdfunding campaign, we’ll directly engage the community and confirm the demand for a Left 4 Dead film sequel.

We believe in the potential of this project, and we want you to be part of the journey. Stay tuned for updates, share your thoughts, and join us in bringing Left 4 Dead back to the big screen!